About us

M&S Capital Partners was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the business culture in Europe, the USA, Asia as well as in the Indian Ocean region thanks to their complementary origins and experiences and thus have access to a very extended professional network.

We are specialised in guiding companies that are interested in extending their activity or conducting their business in the region, especially through Mauritius Island as a gateway to the Indian Ocean region, Africa and Asia.

We understand your challenges as a foreign company when you decide to develop your international presence:

      • • Insufficient knowledge of the local’ Doing-Business’ practices :
      1. - Several practical and administrative burdens
      2. - No local business network yet
      3. - Establishment strategy to be defined
      • • Cultural and linguistic barriers
      1. - Major impacts on your commercial and financial negotiations processes.
      • • Financing requirements
      1. - Financial engineering/optimization of financing resources
      2. - Capital/fund raising

We guide you in defining your regional strategy and capital transactions while providing you with a ‘turnkey’ solution.